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Paul Franklin Dietzel (1924-)


Dimensions: 120% of Life — 91" High
Limited Edition of 1
Location: Cradle of Coaches Plaza, Yager Stadium — Oxford, Ohio

Paul Dietzel was Head Coach at Louisiana State University, Army, and South Carolina. Named National Coach of the Year in 1958 by both the American Football Coaches Association and Football Writers Association Of America, this former Athletic Director led the LSU Tigers to a national championship. That same year, Dietzel devised a system to keep his players fresh and excited, especially important during an era when many played both offense and defense. The Dietzel system consisted of three separate sets of players called in between plays. The system was used in lieu of replacing individual players and the teams were called the White Team, the Gold team and the Chinese Bandits. The third team, the Chinese Bandits, was a second-string offense but, became wildly popular for its spunk and determination and won a prominent spot in LSU football legend. Dietzel strikes a pose here often seen in his coaching days and represented repeatedly in his book, Call Me Coach.

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