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Dance of the Deep

Bronze, 2000

Dimensions: 16" H x 6" W x 9" D
Limited Edition of 47

Dance of the Deep, so named for this sea turtle’s grace as a swimmer, is a sculpture of “Chilly”, an immature green sea turtle. The turtle was rescued by the Marine Life Center of Juno Beach, Florida. Reptiles assume the temperature of the water around them and Chilly had been found chilled, lethargic, and unable to feed. MLC nurtured him for over a year and the turtle was released back into the sea in January 2000. Chosen for the exceptionally beautiful striations on his shell, Chilly made an excellent model, calmly resting on the Artist’s lap for long stretches. The green gets it’s name from the color of it’s fat, not the shell, and is a vegetarian, often found in beds of sea grass.

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