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Bottle Nose Dolphin Mini

Bronze, 2000

Dimensions: 6" H x 5" W x 4" D
Unlimited Edition

The Bottlenose lives in families or pods (up to ten inshore and up to 25 offshore) and may be found in a wide range of coastal habitats including the open coast, lagoons, large estuaries, and even the lower reaches of rivers and harbors. Found in two varieties: a smaller, inshore and a larger, more robust offshore species, the bottlenose varies greatly in size, shape and color, usually wearing a bluish or brownish gray cape and an off-white, light gray or pinkish underbelly. A typical dive may last up to three or four minutes or more. Off-shore and in some areas, the bottlenose dolphin has been known to playfully chase fish out of the water, beaching themselves before wiggling back into the sea. Complete with 88 teeth and a belly button, these playful mammals may take residence in the same area for years and are also known as the Gray or Black Porpoise, Atlantic or Pacific Bottlenose, or the Cowfish. This bronze is a miniature model of “Pebbles”, a bottlenose residing at Marineland near St. Augustine, Florida.

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